The mstatus displays a list of the last 10 messages you sent to somebody, or the last 10 messages anybody has sent to you via the !msg command. To be able to display more messages, this command only displays a portion of the original message, to view the whole message use the !full command. In the output: the first field (UID) is the unique id number of the message, the second field (Recieved) is when the bot processed the recieved and processed the !msg command leading to this message, the third field(Sent) is when the bot thinks it sent the message to its destination it will say 'NOT SENT' if it has not been sent, the remaining fields are self explanitory (or so i think).

Syntax: !mstatus username
Use your own username to see messages sent to you.


OvEn ToAsT (3:35:43 PM): !mstatus oventoast

toasts aim bot 0 (3:35:46 PM): UID:Received:Sent:user:partial message
7809:Aug 9 06:48:Aug 9 06:48:screename1:will you check the /etc/inittab file on
7806:Aug 9 06:47:Aug 9 06:47:oventoast:hi
7792:Aug 9 03:49:Aug 9 05:30:screename1:if you happen to have your fall schedule
7716:Aug 8 18:12:Aug 8 18:14:screename1:would you mind, when the hdd comes in, if
7366:Aug 7 22:45:Aug 8 05:53:screename1:someone mentioned this sometime back (don
7357:Aug 7 21:39:Aug 8 05:53:screename1:will you check the /etc/inittab file on
7276:Aug 7 12:05:Aug 7 13:54:screename1:id is up and running... her ip is 155.92
7254:Aug 7 05:53:Aug 7 05:53:icquser:hey actually here
7195:Aug 6 22:13:Aug 6 23:54:screename1:when you get online, could you try to get
7110:Aug 5 22:16:Aug 5 22:16:screename2:could there be a simple command list with

OvEn ToAsT (3:38:22 PM): !mstatus screename1

toasts aim bot 0 (3:38:26 PM): UID:Received:Sent:partial message
7718:Aug 8 18:15:Aug 8 18:15:being that i currently have a bunch of software on glove thats
7581:Aug 8 05:55:Aug 8 06:06:well you can just message another bot instead of the first one
6840:Aug 4 07:53:Aug 4 07:53:so ... think you can have my stuff moved out by the 10th? if
6757:Aug 3 22:50:Aug 3 22:50:well i think i can get bill breeze to give you the key
6677:Aug 3 10:17:Aug 3 13:19:hey do you wanna move my stuff from where it is, to our room
6675:Aug 3 10:16:Aug 3 13:19:i think the msoe url doesn't work because the glove url gives

Screenames have been changed to protect the innocent

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